Saudi solar enters critical phase

Report from SASIA finds the Kingdom moving closer to solar breakout Few places in the world have all the critical elements needed to create a profitable solar power market, but Saudi Arabia stands out as one of them. From vast deserts that can accommodate large installations and high solar resources that guarantee maximum energy yields, […]

Millions of residential solar rooftops

Fresh video championing residential solar premieres at Solar Power International Before the speeches by Sen. Harry Reid and DOE Secretary Ernest Moniz bookended the industry executive panel during the second general session at this year’s Solar Power Internationalin Las Vegas, a slick aspirational video kept the audience’s attention and caught my eye. Rather than hitting the […]

South African solar surge

SolarReserve’s newly commissioned Jasper PV power plant takes the lead If Nelson Mandela were alive today, he would be proud of the rapid growth of solar power in his beloved South Africa. It’s been nearly a year since he passed away last December 5, and during that time, several hundred megawatts of photovoltaic projects have […]

Streamlining solar soft costs for small installers

How market dynamics and business models determine which solar soft costs to reduce first My recent poster presentation from Solar Power International 2014, “Using Seven Forms of Waste and Critical Path Method to Lower Residential Solar Soft Costs,” lays out a methodology that residential solar installers can use to help them most effectively target soft cost […]

Why solar companies are not high-tech companies

The latest quarterly results reveal once again that solar companies spend very little on research and development Despite the ongoing incremental improvements in conversion efficiencies and cost reduction taking place in the solar manufacturing community, it would be a stretch to call most of the players truly “high tech.” Industry executives like Trina Solar’s Jifan Gao […]